how do you build a twirly bed?

i'm remodeling my house and fell in love with the "twirly bed" concept. i have a limited space, and this contraption seems perfect for my situation. how the eef do i make this without spending upwards of 3000 bucks? i now it's possible, lead the way. and thank you. when you have one too many, you can crash on it. 

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I have been trying to find the mechanisms for the twirly bed for two years now. Best I have figured is run a center pole and put heavy caster at top an bottom on a groove. Then add the book shelf and Murphy bed. Going to send it to my brother to see what he thinks. Let me know if you find out.

Kiteman6 years ago
What's a "twirly bed"?

Could you add an image of what you're after? Not unreproducable, with a decent shop. The springs were always the trickiest part. I'd assume these things use gas-struts these days Steve
Rockler Woodworking sells the necessary hardware and plans for beds that fold up either lengthwise (traditional Murphy bed) or sideways (interesting alternative for a Full/Twin).

(I'm sure other woodworking specialty stores to so as well; Rockler just happens to have been the most recent place I've seen it and I've been happy buying other things from them. The guys in the actual stores are particularly helpful, since they're generally woodworkers themselves.)

No wonder my google-fu failed me. I was looking for something essentially helical...

I just looked for "Twirly bed mechanism" - couldn't find one though.
It would be a fun thing for a small space though wouldn't it ?

No good for me - "under the bed" is valuable storage space.

Well, it still would be, only easier to dust.

Vyger6 years ago
Makes it a little hard to take a nap. By the time you got the dishes done and the table cleared nap time would be over.
rickharris6 years ago
It's build-able depending on your skill level. However it isn't going to turn out cheap. Perhaps modifying a more simple fold down bed system may be a better option.
FoolishSage6 years ago
A bed for limited space makes me think of the Murphy bed which hinges into the wall or a closet. If you google "make murphy bed" you'll find many sites with explanations, partial kits and complete kits depending on your technical ability and budget