how do you build a yagi antenna?

How do you build a yagi antenna to boost the range of a two way radio communications device

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NachoMahma7 years ago
ARRL is one of the first places to check for any radio-related questions/problems.
lemonie7 years ago
Why do you think a Yagi is best for this job?
They're most commonly used one-way, it they are ever used two-way?

Any antenna is, AFAIK reciprocal, if it can receive, it transmits
I quite agree that these can be used two way, but are they? It's usually TV reception isn't it?

They are used in two way comms, but only on fixed links, since they have very narrow fields. At high frequencies, they are quite small, but they are often used for on-site links.
Yes, I can picture that. I guess the question isn't about a fixed link though.

Depending on the operating frequency, a Yagi might not be the simplest solution to an antenna with decent gain.
Re-design7 years ago
That's easy.  Just google "diy yagi" and look at the range of sources.  Like these!

Remember, yagi antennas are frequency dependent and are not very broad band so since you didn't specify what frequency you wanted you will have to use a yagi calculator to find the right dimensions.