how do you cancel your subscription?

I want to cancel my subscription to pro

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nelsoneulalio11 months ago

You go to "YOU" (top right corner) and then YOU again and the click on the icon SETTINGS (a clog) and at the right side a box named "unredeemed memberships" where you'll see you membership status and a button "More Memberships". Click on this button and you'll open a page with your membership plan and the option to cancel the auto-renewal. Cheers

X Files6 years ago
go to YOU, under your icon it will say QUICK LINKS. under that is FOLLOWING. click that, and it will go to SUBSCRIPTIONS. from there, next to the subscription, hit CANCEL. the end :)
Kiteman8 years ago
I would also like to know - why do you want to cancel already?
It can be inconvenient, if your not going to use the site for a while, you might not want to spend on it. or if like me, your prepaid visa ran out
lemonie8 years ago
That was a bit rash / careless?
Like mikeasaurus says

mikeasaurus8 years ago
Since the site only recently rolled out the 'pro membership' why are you canceling so soon?
frollard8 years ago
It's recurring - check the email that was sent when you signed up.
edit: Check your paypal settings - under subscriptions.