how do you completely exit an app?

i have multitasking on my Iphone but i don't know how to exit an app completely so that it isn't on and waste battery.

Bm11705 years ago
Double press home button

Hold down on a app

Press the minus that appears above it

chilll20096 years ago
You have to double-tap the home button. Once you are in that multitasking screen, hold the app you want to quit. They will start to jiggle with red minus button on the upper left corner. Tap the minus sign and the app quit. I have tested this with multiple apps. They are removed from the recent app list until you go to the home screen and relaunche them. Hope this helpedī”±
jeff-o7 years ago
For iOS 3.0 and above: 1. Press and hold the "sleep/power" button until the Power Off screen appears 2. Press and hold the "Home" button for 6-8 seconds. 3. Whatever app was open will close, and return to the home menu. (tested on my 3G iPod Touch, running iOS 4)
This should help you.