how do you convert a ps2 controller so it can be used in a pc usb port for games???????

i have a pelican wireless controller i wont to convert.

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Madrias3578 years ago
Can't build a USB to PS2 (if one could, I would be.), but you can use Parallel to PS2. That's what I'm working on.

There's the wiring diagram as to how to do this.
is it not pssible to connect a db25 to usb cable to the ps2 to db25 connection.
Don't know. You see, it takes a specialized driver software to do this in the first place. But, it might work.
Joe Martin8 years ago
You can buy a small adaptor of Ebay to do this, It's the only way.
jake walker8 years ago
it cant has too many wires sorry, but if you have a nes controller....... go to youtube, it will have videos for nes controller usb mod