how do you disable the speed governor (limiter) in a car?

How do you disable the speed governor (limiter) in a car? No specific car just wondering the different ways, and what actually tells the limiter to kick in?

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Depends on the car. Some you can just clip the Vehicle Speed Sensor wire (not recommended since you can't be sure what else uses that signal ex. ABS). Some you can just change out the chip which has been suggested, or with a reprogrammer. I thought about doing this on my car and in order to do it properly while ensuring that no other systems were influenced was to mimic the Veh.Spd.Sens. all the way up until right before the speed sensor enables then just repeat the signal making the ECU think that it is still going under the governed speed. Basically something that copies the frequency and duty cycle of the pulse.
An Villain8 years ago
find it, RIP IT OUT, hope your car still works.
cdubnbird8 years ago
set off an emp bomb.
goodgnus8 years ago
Depends on your h4x0r skills :P Most governors can be eliminated or overridden by the use of an aftermarket "speed chip". Google "car speed chip".
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
i would think that the governor is all electronic...