how do you do a collaboration with another member?

Id like to make an instructable with another member.

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When you are creating your new 'ible, at the right hand end of the tab-bar, where it says "edit" "publish" "share", click on "more", and a drop down menu shows "collaborate". Add the name of the member you want to work with in there.

That One Eegit (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Thanks for the awnser! Me and my brother got into a little "who created it argument", so i proposed this as the awnser.

It's worth noting that the only way to stop collaborators editing a project is to remove them from the list, but only the person who starts the project can actually publish it.

...and a collaborator can only add their own photographs, so you can't work together except on the wording.
LastPayLoad05 months ago

When I did that my friend never got any message, and it has the hand. It dosnt show my freind on my instrutables.