how do you download an ebook?

I can see the ebook, the table of contents, the lists but there is no place to download the ebook. All i see is that you download each instructable one at a time just as you would any other instructable. What am i not seeing/

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cashwood5 years ago
I think it is an issue with Firefox....
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45124125 years ago
its happen to me to (tears)
finfer1235 years ago
Also, you can do compatibility view and its all better
finfer1235 years ago
its an orange line at the bottom its next to the ''view instructables"
I had this same question and it appears that the download buttons are hidden by the text box. I don't know how to fix this but you can click on the epub file download link if you are careful. Its is the orange line at the bottom center of the text box that tells you about the ebooks.
FriedAir (author)  leik_leviathn6 years ago
With internet explorer it is also covered by the text box. But at least now I can download as there is a corner peaking out and I can hit the button to get it downloaded. Thanks kindly for the information!
Crimson136 years ago
I'm having this same issue. For some reason on firefox, the two download buttons arn't there but on chrome, they are right there. Hopefully the website guys will get this sorted out.
First, make sure the url ends with "/?download=ebook".
If it instead ends with the title of the book, add "/?download=ebook" to the end.

then, like leviathn said it may be hidden behind the text box. if you use firefox, get this:
then you can right click on the text box and choose "remove this object"

works for me
rickharris6 years ago
The makezine Ebooks made from a set of instructables like this
Re-design6 years ago
What are you looking at?

Give us a link so we can answer you.
ummm. maybe the "download pdf" button. should be in the middle of the screen, and it's a big orange box.