how do you embed a video?

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oooooh, the bain of my existence, you may have issues when you using firefox, but there are work arounds.
1st. Upload your video to youtube
2nd. Below your video, click on the embed icon, a highlighted text box will open. Right-click your mouse and select copy
3rd. Open your instructable in edit mode, scroll down to where you want your video to be, then press the "source" button.
4th. Right-click the mouse and press paste, click the "source" button again and hit save.
5th Your done! I use this method when the embed function in instructables is giving me grief. It is more work, but is simple and bullet proof.
ikeike40 (author)  iminthebathroom6 years ago
it keeps saying unsupported video host
1st, where did you upload it too?
2nd, what do you use firefox, explorer, ubuntu?

I always uploaded to youtube and didn't have a problem until firefox did an update, but received a different error message. Oddly enough if I embedded the video while in explorer it was no problem. Firefox has since fixed that problem, and my latest instructable posted yesterday was utilizing the firefox beta 4.0. Guess I need to know first who you uploaded too.
kelseymh6 years ago
In the Rich Editor, click the "filmstrip" icon, and paste the embed code into the popup box.