how do you fix a hole in a ram-x (polyurethane) boat?

its hard to find something that will "stick". any suggestions? hole is about the size of a half dollar?

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velojym1 year ago

My old Coleman had a hole from a friend dragging it across rocks, right on the keel. I bought a rubber kitchen glove. Flexed the canoe so the aluminum keel member separated from the hull, and slid the glove in, then released it. The tube clamped the glove in well enough that the leakage was about what was coming in from the paddles, etc. That "repair" held for years, until I sold the canoe, and that friend removed the glove to attempt (unsuccessfully) to repair the hole. That was 15 years ago, and I think I'll be getting the old girl back soon.

Re-design8 years ago
Can you get to both sides of the hole. If you can then you can use large fender washers and a bolt to clamp two pieces of rubber over the hole. Like a tinker would fix a pan with a hole in it. Might not look to pretty but you still get to fish.
no I can only access it from the outside

you can buy a toggle bolt, that has a foldable wing to insert into the hole put a reasonably thick rubber washer larger than the hole with a metal washer on the outside of it and tighten n place put a dab of silicone around the bolt head that meets the washer. im doing the same thing.

Get a couple of cans of foam in a can from. fill the void inside with the foam and let it cure. Then roughen up the outside of the surface a little. Then drill a bunch of small holes around the area that needs to be patched and apply a fiber glass patch. The fiber glass resin will stick to just about everything. and the resin will seep into the holes and lock it into place.
iselox6 years ago
I'm trying out that G/flex right now on a similar project--will let you know how it works out.
Blue Water8 years ago
I beleive that Ram-X is polyethylene, not polyurethene which is not a plastic. Ram-X is a low density polyethylene and thus difficult to repair. DO NOT use polyethylene from other boat manufacturers as high end boats use super-linear and crosslinked polyethylene which is a more durable product. A good clue to the quality of plastics is to see if they are re-cyclable. If they are, chances are they are repairable. Ram-X is not. I have repaired Pelican vessels with West Systems G-Flex. The Center layer of Ram-X may be polyurethane and if so, does not offer any structural integrity to the vessel and is more difficult to repair than LDP.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
did you try filing it with epoxy, caulk, or superglue?
caulk and epoxy wont stick so im not sure what to use
did superglue stick?
yea it does but im not sure what to used as a patch
i just looke up 'polyurethane epoxy" i bet you can fill it in with that
good idea