how do you get rid of tree rats?

I'm a rubbish shot and they keep escaping from my havahart trap. They are nocturnal, like peanut butter, and eat our carob beans.I'm very annoyed and want REVENGE!

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Re-design8 years ago
Tree cats.
ElGnomeVato7 years ago
Not sure about the laws where you live but if you want to kill them smear peanut butter in an out of reach place if you have other animals like dogs and mix the peanut butter with some sort of poison.
DiamondBack8 years ago
Burn down the tree? seandogue has a point though - don't plant what they prefer to eat. Personally, I'd use this all as an excuse to get myself a squirrel gun, and take post on the porch. Bad shot or not, eventually you'll start picking them off
Kiteman8 years ago
Have you tried one of these?
flamesami (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
how do I catch the amo tho? they escape my traps, after feasting on the bait
Its an education thing - plant the catapult between the beans, they eventually come to associate free food with airborne terror, and leave it alone.
flamesami (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
the "beans" grow on trees, and the rats stay off the bigger branches
Hmmm, maybe reward local children who sit among the trees with pellet guns...?
Yay, Kitman!

A Squirrel Catapult - now there's a great 'ible!
orksecurity8 years ago
If there's a "agricultural extension agency" in your area, give them a call. They're perfectly willing to talk to home gardeners as well as commercial growers, and one near you is likely to have lots of experience with these beasties and can tell you what works and what doesn't in their experience.
seandogue8 years ago
tree rats? you mean squirrels? Well, you could always screen your garden in. Squirrels are an important part of the ecosystem. I mean plant foods they like, then expect them not to try to eat it? I've learned to accept that squirrels will eat my cherries unless I protect the cherries from being eaten by the squirrels, just as when I plant peanuts. not hanging out seeking revenge against them for doing their job. You like hardwood forests? thank the squirrels. chicken wire tents do a good job of keeping them out of the "beans", and bird net does a pretty good job of keeping them off the Cherries. It's par tof the bargain in not living in a world devoid of nature. I suppose you could move to a concrete jungle instead...
flamesami (author)  seandogue8 years ago
no, I mean rats that can climb trees. the carob trees are too big to rat-proof and as far as I can see, these rats are only improving the world by providing food and entertainment for cats.
kevinhannan8 years ago
Have you squirrelled away some Poison? Or do you get to be a better shot? Chop the trees down or move? Or introduce its natural predator (assuming the predator is less of a nuisance than the tree-rats?) Or sit down on ya porch wi' some Bourbon and a blues geetar and sing a song of how things used to be so much better? Good luck! ;-)