how do you hack in to your school computer network ?

i was wondering how to hack into my school computer network i what to see the teachers face when stuff cose wrong with there computers and files

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You don't, unless you want to get kicked out of school and possibly spend some time in jail. Chances are the system admins will see that attempts are being made to hack the system and they will find you.

Anyone willing to assist you in this is probably very poor at it and doesn't realize the consequences of such actions. Anyone with the ability to pull off such an action knows not to make his skills known and would see a topic like this as a possible scam trying to fish out any would be black hat hackers.
nadiaboyle2 years ago

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Dusty20003 years ago

Hacking into a school computer isn't a 3 second job.
it is unlikely for you to find something on the internet that is just easy

to get into a school network you have to crack an AES-128 bit encryption


as i was saying, its not easy.....

Aa014324 years ago
I'm an idiot for posting this... but here, so the questions will stop, or at least calm down. Sorry schools.
this also has a method to be able to take your usb w/ you and keep the logger running.
lemonie5 years ago
Use a big knife.

You study hard learn & everything there is to know about IT & networking, by the time you have done this with any luck you will have grown out of the desire to get up to infantile stunts at school.
I doubt that anyone on here will assist you in any way to hack a school network, not anybody who actually knows what they are talking about anyway.
To tell the truth judging by the standard of your spelling & grammar I would suggest your time would be better spent studying than trying to get yourself in detention or suspended.
Note to self: enroll in IT classes next semester :)

Not that i want to hack it. I just like IT! :)
tylervitale5 years ago
I'm not sure if the same system is in place at your school, but when I was in high school, we had to sign a ton of documents at the beginning of each year. One of those documents was about computer and networking privileges. Specifically stating that you will NOT do anything to harm the computers, surpass the school's blocking mechanisms, or in any way violate the school rules regarding computer usage. A couple of students decided that was a bunch of baloney one year and used programs to bypass the blocking program. They all got suspended for a week and had their computer privileges revoked not only the rest of the year, but the rest of the time they would spend in that school district. If you know what's good for you, you'll forget about this stupid idea. They DO have ways of find out who did what and when.
rickharris5 years ago
The world is a hard place and at present YOU are in a really good place to make the best of your future - trust me don't throw it away.

Up to you it's your life.
blkhawk5 years ago
What you want do to is called sabotage, and it is a crime. Other people had asked the same question and the consensus always have been: Do not even attempt to hack your school computer network. Everything in your school had been paid with taxpayers money for your education. Instead of wasting your time finding a way to irritate your teachers, hit your books and start studying.