how do you harvest platnum from old hard drive platters ?

i know most hard drive platters have a thin sheet of platnum . how do you seperate the platnum from the non precious metal?

mrdmburns (author) 1 year ago
mpilchfamily. you may want to double check your facts before you answer any more questions. the question was not do they have platnum . it was how do they harvest the platnum from them.
No they do not. If HDD had a small coating of platinum on them they would cost way more than they do now. If you want to find platinum then get your hands on some old catalytic converters from cars. They have a honey cone mesh in them with a small coating of platinum on it. But it takes some pretty harsh chemicals to get it off and filtered out. When all is said and done you're lucky if you can extract even a gram from them. The platinum layer is only microns thick. It's not really something you can do at home or worth doing at home.
That's why there's a big business stealing them..
And one enterprising street cleaning company has discovered that there is economically recoverable platinum in the crud they scrape out of the gutters.
Kiteman1 year ago
First, check whether it is worth the effort - hard drive platters contain roughly 2 milligrams of platinum, alloyed with other metals. You need to scrape off the 30 nanometre thick alloy layer, then chemically extract and purify the platinum.

Will the time you spend and the chemicals you buy be compensated by the value of the platinum you extract?