how do you keep pickles crisp after pickling is completed?

I pickled some cucumber after a few weeks they became soft. I need to know is there some type of seasoning or what i need to do to keep them crisp?

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ania.s7 years ago
My mum always adds blackcurrent leaves or cherry leaves to her dill pickles.
Its suppose to keep them crisp. But this is when making pickles with a brine as opposed to vinegar. Still eating the ones she made in the summer and still crisp and very yummy.
jtp1398 years ago
there's a recipe out there for cold pickling. So they don't get soggy in the cooking process. I'll have to check around for it.
lemonie8 years ago
Cucumber is a wet-water-laden vegetable, it doesn't pickle that well. If you did them whole maybe or did you slice 'em? L
Batryn8 years ago
Freeze? Or chill...
Re-design8 years ago
Check into alum. I don't guarantee that's the solution but I seem to remember that it is added to the liquid to firm up the pickles.
Ah...good old alum. Glass making, shaving cuts, and now I know why it shows up as a recommended kitchen ingredient in old cookbooks...
This link, down toward the mid of the page discusses using alum and calcium hydroxide to chrisp / firm pickles.