how do you make a colored smoke bomb?

how do you make a colored smoke bomb with household items or cheap easly found items? (organic dye dose not work)

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VitoJ21 year ago

Be warn that potassium nitrate, crayons, food organic dyes
usually doesn't works and will not give you any colors. I've tried
different kind of crayons, food coloring and all the time I get only the
white smoke.
Also you should be aware that potassium nitrate has very high burn temperature which doesn't suit for colored smoke.
If you really would like to make a colored smoke bomb you need to use potassium chlorate and only special dyes

Here the video with step by step guide how to make colored smoke bomb with detailed ingredients you have to use for it


Powder sugar

Crayons(wax not oil)

Look up "legendary smoke mix" and get your ratios from there

SmokngJoe1 year ago

My experience is that the Rit dyes don't work. Related to this topic...I've been trying to make a smoke bomb with an animal glue mixture, so that it is flowable. The recipes I've seen and tried call for a maximum of 16% glue, but its almost impossible, becoming very dry, if you can even get it all combined. I see almost similar mixtures for making matchheads, but the pictures show that mixture as being very liquid. Any idea on what I'm missing?

octopus56505 years ago
Take aluminum foil and 7 white matches. Put matches on foil w/ a thick paper clip.
Roll, put on ground, take a blowtorch, light
rhysc77 years ago
add food coulering or coulered chalk whatever floats your boat
food dye only works on smoke bombs with extremely low ignition tempuratures (300 celcius or lower, such as chlorate smoke bombs), and there must be allot of food dye for it to work, though i recomend trying both coloured chalk and food dye, if someone has gotten it to work, why not!
An Villain8 years ago
you need to add a chemical for it to change, like boric acid (borax) will burn green, tartaric acid (cream of tartar) will burn purple, sodium (salt) will burn orange, copper oxide (green stuff on copper pipes) burns blue, stronium chloride burns bright red, aluminum fillings burn yellow. hope that helped.
copper oxide burns blue, your talking about hydroxide and carbonate, also there is no such thing as potassium accelerate, thats not even a chemical, hes probably talking about sugar.

also that stuff coloures flame, not smoke
I think he probably meant Potassium Acetate.... auto-correct may have swapped it on him....
Who said anything about Potassium Accelerate? And also I posted that A year ago before I went to Advanced Chemistry and I have learned a thing or two since then.
to coloure smoke a smoke dye is required.

smoke dyes are not readily obtained as general household items, though there is one smoke dye, though noxious, but then again, so one goes and sniffs the smoke as it burns.

get some old cds and sand paper them down to get a powder, mix this by the ratio of 5-10% in whith your smoke mix.

this will not only result in a black flame (believe it or not) , but rather black smoke , add more cd powder for ndarker smoke.
this stuff stains your smoke black without the need of large amounts of dangerous plastics and such burning, though its not regarded as "safe", its safer than burning a barrel of motor oil mixed with gasoline, right.

heres a link to a colouring dye you could use. i have bought this before and it works about the same as cd powder,
the seller also sells other coloures.

unfortunately thr stronger dyes cost more money as they are nitrates of somesorts and combust readily, so special freight shipping is required, which is why its so expensive to buy, and why shipping quanitty minimums are so high.

also let this be known, food dyes or anything of the sort will not make coloured smoke!!!!
they are simply pigments that do act in the same way, they are microscopic particals that filter out light

you can however test these if you wish by drying out food dye and adding it to your potassium nitrate smoke mix.
bette ryet, use the whole bottle of food dye as your water source to dissolve the nitrate or chlorateyou are using.
hopefully, your resuslts will result in a slightly coloured smoke, however i cannot guarentee.

i have however also heard that some medicins contain some dyes of sorts which canbe used to colur smoke certain coloures, all you need is to crush up some tablets and add an acid or something to it, then dry and further crush and it will make coloured smoke, though i do not recall were i read this. these though were organic suppliments for minerals and vitamines.
anyway, try googling it, maybe youl have better results than i
PKTraceur8 years ago
Add baking soda to your smoke mixture, and add organic dye. Or, add food coloring to organic dye. Otherwise, its gets pretty high priced! PKT
a better way is to mix potassium nitratre and potassium accelerate with water and food couloring light and get the hell out of there.
Potassium accelerate, you mean sugar? That's what's in the recipe I use. Not quite sure about the chemistry.
dla8887 years ago
I have no clue.
Maybe this would help.
lobo_pal8 years ago
Just check step 9 of my instructable, this is the link
jakerocks8 years ago
mix potassium nitrate and accelerate with water and food coularing light and run