how do you make a dice holder?

just for regular dice, so they dont get lost

mikeasaurus8 years ago
I've seen kids carrying dice in Crown Royal bags, but almost any small cloth bag would do.

If you wanted to actually make one, all you need is two sheets of fabric the same size and stitch together. fold down the top and sew in a drawstring, turn inside out and you're set!

Of course, if all else fails you could buy one of these.

Hope that helps!
salomon1996 (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
ok, cool, thanks.  But... i made one my self.  I took two camera film canisters, cut one of the bottoms out, and hot glued em to gether! sorry it took me a wile to anser.
no problem, salomon1996.

Good to hear you've solved your dice problem, I hate it when things aren't organized. Why don't you post a picture or two of your creation here and provide an answer to your own question? Or, if you're feeling industrious, write up an instructable and share your dice bag with everyone?
salomon1996 (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
Sounds good! I think that I will make a Instructables! :D I will put a link on here when I am done.