how do you make a floppy beret?

my friend has this floppy beret, ya no, the type that you have to use bobby pins to keep on your hair? the ones that only stay on half of ur head? i know how to knit and i have cloth and stuff, so does anyone know how to make one? ill take any ideas or know-hows, i just wanna make one. even if i have to buy stuff! but if u no anywhere i can buy a cheap beret, tell me that too.

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Re-design8 years ago
How about this?
platinum15 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
ummmm..... well thats great and really cool and stuff, and wat im looking for, but idk how to crotchet.
Learning to crotchet isn't hard. And then you're not limited by color and style.
platinum15 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
so can u make a video or something or give me a link to show u how to crotchet?
Take a look here and see if anything looks good.
Or here.
Here are crochet lessons for a hat.

You should be able to find enough to get you started. Find a fabric store and they can help you pick out the right hook and yarn for your project.

Good luck and have fun.
orksecurity8 years ago
It used to be possible to get cheap wool berets from army surplus stores; that's where mine came from. Alas, there's a lot less surplus than there used to be.
Re-design8 years ago
Take the starch out of a stiff one.