how do you make a gullie suit?

how can i make a gullie suit. the only thing i have to make it with is a net.

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PKTraceur8 years ago
If you sew a net to an old jacket or similar, then tie dyed or precolored rope, some old camo clothing, burlap, jute, hemp, or other organic twines, this shoul dmake a good ghillie.
vince 098 years ago
thats how mine is made. if you can get some berlap (I think thats how you spell that?) and cut it into thin strips. than with the net you have kind of make a dress, that is loose fitting with a hood. than start at the bottom and tie the burlap onto the "net dress" until you have what you like.
Burlap** :) -PKT
If you only have a net, forget about it. However, if you have either some burlap, hemp, jute twine, then your in buisness. You could also use scraps of old clothing, but I don't reccomend it. Get some dye, dye your jute, burlap, hemp. Tie onto net.

Since you only have a net, you'll want to make either a bushrag, a poncho, or a blanket.

Thats your choice.

Will be making instructable soon
phalanx4478 years ago
The only guides are your best bet. They are pretty copious in number. Try your best to find a real one, not some poser who likes to play Call of Duty 4 too much. When making it, remember the basic rules to camouflage- Shape, shine, shadow, silhouette, smell, sound, movement, and color. Not all your burlap strips need to be the same length, color, or material.
Catharsis8 years ago
Offering sources is my best effort on this one. The internet should provide some good leads, and lead the FBI to your door. Larger cities typically have Army surplus stores where you might find "field manuals". Typically, these are books written and marketed as "the actual manual used by the U.S. Whatever". Still, they may offer some usable ideas. Lastly, go to a shooting range. But not just any range. Find a range which allows rifle calibre shooting. Meet some people who are there to get ready for deer season or whatever. You may find someone with experience enough to help you in person. If nothing else, you meet some people and have a nice day.