how do you make a knex micro coaster?

knex coaster question

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I reccomend tube supports, and build the electric eel knex coaster on this site for some inspiratin.

Owenmon8 years ago
Nooooo!!!! Don't buy micro K'nex. They break so easily. Stick to regular K'nex pieces. And get coaster sets like the Screamin' Serpent. :-D
Hey, if he wants to build with micro K'Nex, let him do it.  I've started experimenting with them myself; they don't always break so easily, and they're pretty cool when you know how to use them.

Also, Micro sets cost a lot less than SS's, unless you buy them from eBay (and even then, you can still find cheaper Micro sets than that).

KCIG (don't know what else to call you): I'd buy a VV-style set, build the one in the instructions, and figure it out from there.  If you have ideas for various layouts, you should be pretty well set.
i just need help building the track not the flat track but the one that yall have
48JOHNSON8 years ago
Well first you will need to buy a kit from Knex.Try to find the cheapest one or you can by pieces from the extra piece page.Buy buying a kit is much cheaper and easier.You can build one of the two models or if you already have an idea in mind start building.But when it comes to the moter and chain lift go to the instructions
well i just wont to know how to make the track you know the track that the cart goes on i do not like the one that you know is flat the flat track
if someone get this that would be grate

HamenChips6 years ago
I recommend you to go to, that's a website full of coasters you can look at.
Tornado967 years ago
i know this is a bit late but you can look at my coasters. I've got a bit of experience with them and after I build my re-cre i'm gonna post a instructable on how to make a good micro coaster.
brentbrent7 years ago
Well, if you want to make an all micro piece coster you will need alot of micro knex pieces for maximum performance. If you want to make a bigger coaster than you need normal size pieces connected to micro track.
they actually work pretty well. see here
KnexFreek7 years ago
 google it!