how do you make a knex transformer?


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jingo696 years ago
you can make one of mine and then work on how it works!
knexarmy6 years ago
i have about six other tansformers iv made you can see them. but when i make one i allways use a knex man so no matter what it move good just click on to see here are 2 of mine
leeboy098 years ago
get some knex pieces and llook at pictures of the toys then look at the mechanics of how they transform and try make the mechanism and build the mechanism then the design (back/front) and join together.
smilee leeboy098 years ago
smilee8 years ago
What I would do is base it on the actual toys if you have them.
Here are a few different transformers I found on KI.
The first one has instructions.
The second doesn’t