how do you make a lawn gnome?

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The ones I find are usually made out of resin or mortar.  You'd have to sculpt your figure (clay, wood, whatever), make the mold, and pour your material into the mold.  Here's an Instructable on making a silicon mold.
If you only need to make one gnome, alginate or latex mold compound might be a bit cheaper than silicone, but otherwise the process is the same. I'd recommend Ultracal 30 to pour the cast, but concrete works pretty well too.
Who only makes one gnome?  Psh!  If you're going to make a gnome, you're going to make an army of them!!!
I plan to make an army of zombie lawn gnomes as a part of my plans for world domination. They will be atomic powered and nigh unstoppable.

BTW: I am currently accepting applications for minions and henchmen. Provide references and previous experience in evil-doing.
Now there's an idea. Lawn gnomes in the classic green Army Men poses. I would totally have the Radio Gnome and the Metal Detector/Minesweeper Gnome in my yard.
Oh, that's a dangerous thought... There must be a lot of memes suitable for gnomifying....

It's true, the possibilities are endless.  I wonder how we get a contest rolling....

mikmkt93 (author) 8 years ago
thanks for your answers. i think ill give the concrete a try first, but the bounty haunters capturing a real gnome sounds pretty good too
kelseymh8 years ago
First you need to get a real gnome.  Bounty hunters are probably the best bet for tracking one down and capturing him.  Once you have the gnome, freeze him in carbonite, and voila!  Your very own garden gnome (at least until his Jedi friends come and unfreeze him....).
orksecurity8 years ago
Ceramic would also work. If there's a paint-your-own-ceramics store near you, they may have molds for these.
Burf8 years ago
Sprinkle pixie dust on an African Cane Toad.