how do you make a photon (or light) clock?

ok thanx to all the people that replied to my previous question about a rpm meter but now i have a new one. i need a way  of measuring the distortion of time inside the centrifuge and out side i have heard that the only way to do this is measuring the speed of light over a predetermined distance but i cannot find a way of duing this because light moves so fast and no processor i hav vome accros can do this so im asking how do i measure the speed of light.

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lj123456 (author) 6 years ago
i know that it would be way out of my budget 2 buy something like this that's why i wanted 2 build 1. i could do it with my arduino but then i would need a distance of about 10 km and i don't have a laser that powerful.

The speed of light was measured well LONG before the Arduino.
It still isn't clear what exactly you're trying to do. Do you just want to measure the speed of light in air? You can do that in a good-sized room using a chopper and an accurate RPM measurement.

If you think you're going to measure some sort of relativistic effect using a centrifuge, you need to go back and do some proper calculations. Once you understand the magnitude of what you'd be trying to measure, then you can figure out for yourself why the equipment needed is fairly pricey.
orksecurity6 years ago
None of 'em are cheap, as far as I know.
Timing the moons of Jupiter is surprisingly accurate, and cheap.....
(That reminds me of the article a few years ago demonstrating that, once you know it isn't a completely silly idea, it is possible to derive vacuum decay from classical physics, not just from quantum. )
Granted, but the request was specifically related to a centrifuge. Even given an ultracentrifuge, I'd be surprised if there's anything hobbyist-affordable which will measure that.

I could be wrong.
kelseymh6 years ago
What do you mean by "the distortion of time inside a centrifuge"? If you could clarify what you think you are trying to measure, we may be able to help you better.
There are many methods. Mr Google is your friends. Find a method you like, and come back to us.