how do you make a popular knex gun?

i have a knex crossbow wich dosent seem to be getting any attention so how can i make it famous like the SR-V1 ect.?

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The Jamalam8 years ago
Mostly all of my guns are famous, for some reason. What I do is build innovative stuff and try to make them have a good frame. I have mechanisms in my head, and I just build them in my spare time. If you want to build brilliant knex things, it's important that you build stuff as much as possible, practice etc. It also helps if you build other peoples' guns so that you can get ideas on how to mod them better. It helps if you are very active on the site as well. I don't think there is a decent knex gun I haven't commented on yet :P. But you will get well known, more views etc. Look at people like Kiteman. I know he isn't a knex person, but he is around all the time, everywhere. He is so popular because he puts effort into the community side of the site. He also has posted about 90 instructables, but that is beside the point. So you need to: -Practise -Build other guns/things -Think of innovative designs -Get well known in the knex/instructables community -Perhaps not even build guns. You get a bit of respect from non knexers for posting things that are useful, or fun to look at, like your ball machines. Hope this helps, good luck!
KnexFreek7 years ago
 lots of tags
DJ Radio8 years ago
You should make a knex gun that is innovative. It should stand out and have a unique design. This crossbow looks very similar to my Longbow v1. That may be one of the reasons it is getting no attention.
hey r on online if yes plz respond cause im bored if not ignoe this comment
Tom Buckey (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
thats probably because i like the way you take you pics of youre guns so i decided to do myn like tht
Not the backdrop, the gun.
Tom Buckey (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
well i can assure you i did not copy otherwise i would of give you credit
lol, thanks for the cred on the bipod.
Tom Buckey (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Tom Buckey (author)  Tom Buckey8 years ago
well it is youres so you deserve it ;)
btw, my latest sniper uses a super modded longbow bipod. Check it out sometime!
Tom Buckey (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
will do whats the sniper called
First off, its in the forums. Second, its called the SR Commando.
Bartboy8 years ago
It needs to be strong, have a true trigger, have a nice frame, and usually have one other benefit (Accurate, semi-auto, replica etc.) Building non-gun objects is a great way to gain respect, and if you are respected, more people will subscribe to you, and then more people will see your guns.... None of my guns are popular, and some of them are pretty bad, but I have made some pretty cool non-guns, that a lot of the knex haters actually like. Also: Proper spelling is a must, people will not like it if you make a ton of spelling mistakes. Don't use caps lock for the complete intro I hope you do well! bb
yea. dont use caps like me lol
Oblivitus8 years ago
There is just one that I would add to The Jamalam's answer. Advertising is also very important once you have created a good gun, giving people a reason to build it, showing it to people ahead of the post date and taking good photos are all included in this.
hey oblivitus-can you take a look at my first gun. Its called the falcon assault rifle. I would like to see what you think of my first attempt-im lso just about to post a second gun as well in a few days
It's a good first gun, take a look at some other k'nex rifles to learn how to make a detachable magazine.
many guns like the srv1 and such are innovative, when i build something i try to do something that hasn't been done before or do something in a better way you will see that in project firestorm
bounty10128 years ago
True dat jamalam.
sharlston8 years ago
try posting it in gruops about knex and things that always work
Tom Buckey (author)  sharlston8 years ago
i no this is not knex releated and may sound a little harsh but i went to wembly to watch the f.a cup semi final efc v mufc n we sung u into next week( i havent met a man u fan since the so please dont take offence n well done with the league as long as liverpool diddnt win it btw ill try tht tip i havent done tht yet
i agree with the jamalam- knex guns fall into several distinct catagories; replica weapons-making it look excatly like a real gun full auto/gattling pistols/semi auto stupidly powerful (sniper rifels, knex cannons) innovative/new ideas if you can excel at one of these fields, then you're more likely to become popular. (some areas are more successful then others) try promoting yourself on different sites- film your gun in action and stick it on youtube- then link it to here for the building instrucions.
dsman1952768 years ago
"build as many knex guns as you can, and eventually one will not be a complete piece of garbage".
Tom Buckey (author)  dsman1952768 years ago
oh thanks!
TigerNod8 years ago
New I'bles are showing up first on the list of knex guns that most people see. Create a V2 perhaps. Or make the frame look better (in this case: bigger is better) and more complicated so it looks more promising on first view. Also find some good groups to join and put more tags on it (not just "knex" and "crossbow", but also "gun", "true", "trigger", "tombuckey", "V" "1" "V1.0" "bipod" and "bow"
Tom Buckey (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
well ive made a v.2 theres a video but no instructable yet and i always put loads of tags on my ibles
Perhaps you can make a big frame around it. Here is an example. My SPARCCS. It looks good but just about every other gun works better. But at least it still looks nice.
Knex gun.jpg
ericm2478 years ago
Well i would not say it will be killerk svr-1 famous but it could be common.First of all the trigger is nice but the design of the whole gun is a down grader.Make it look better and put some common tags so it will show up on some requests.
This is my vote on best answer.
thank you,thank you.=D
Make look like One-of-a kind; unique maybe add a top rail or adjustable stock and such and so