how do you make an airsoft mortor cannon?

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meanbean8 years ago
This one is very good, even though it's not really a mortar. No messy chemicals, fireworks, or ballons. Reloadable mid battle! costs about $1 for every one you make.
shot789 (author)  meanbean8 years ago
thanks that helped A LOT
talaisan8 years ago
In order to answer this, we kinda need to know what you intend to shoot out of it. Nerf footballs? Tennis balls? Smoke Bombs? Kittens?
shot789 (author)  talaisan8 years ago
i said airsoft so airsoft bbs
ejp10878 years ago
I don't think this is would be a very good idea. After you shoot the bb's up in the air, they will probably be coming down so slowly that they would not make for a very effective airsoft weapon. These are the plastic bb's right? I don't they are heavy enough to rely on gravity for their speed. I could be wrong though. Here is a video of someone who made one:

It looks like you could get away with making it like a spud gun except you point it in the air instead of straight out.