how do you make yourself throw up?

Sometimes when i'm going for a run or jog i start to feel sick and think i would be able to run better if i threw up. I don't want to develop an eating disorder, i just want my stomach to feel better when i'm running.

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acidbass7 years ago
 umm gag your self tuoch the little thing in the back of your throat eat ginger take pepto bismol or tums 
fangfriends8 years ago
Eating ginger or mint, or drinking it in tea, could solve the problem.
and7barton8 years ago
I get the same problem during love making. The predicament - a. Take medication. b. Find a more attractive wife. But seriously - Are you running too soon after eating a meal ? - Shaking up your stomach contents is possibly the cause of it. Do you suddenly cough up stomach acid, like you are going to puke ? - This would indicate there's possibly too much in your stomach.
fwjs288 years ago
You seem to be doing it wrong, Aarone covers some good points, and if none of that helps see a doctor...
Comhippy8 years ago
Eat a bag of pink candy, drive 1000 miles, then get out, and run half a mile. If it doesn't make you puke, there is no hope anything else will.
aarone8 years ago
If you're feeling nausea following exercise, it's indicative of dehydration or potentially over hydration, both of which are bad. You may also be overexerting yourself, not cooling-down properly, not eating properly (malnutrition), or exercising in a way that your body isn't ready for. It could be a number of things. Whatever it is, the nausea is your body's way of saying "I don't like this." You may need to change something about your running practices. Whatever you do, Inducing vomiting is NOT going to make you feel better, or solve your problem. Google "Nausea after Exercise" to find basic information, Talk to your Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, even a trainer at your local gym will be able to offer you information that will help. Again, the solution is not to induce vomiting, but to discover and change the cause of the nausea in the first place.