how do you play a piano song on the guitar?

If you listen old school hip hop and u heard of Boogie Down Productions their song called the bridge is over is played on the piano. i would like 2 learn how to play it on the guitar.

Z1ggy8 years ago
Go to google and type in 'transpose music software' or google for 'transpose music'. Unfortunately i cant get to many sites from work.
p0tty8 years ago
it has to be a song in the key of C
ajleece p0tty8 years ago
sound918 years ago
Ok, this is going to sound complicated, but hopefully it will help. If you understand music theory well enough, you could take the melody line off the piano part and make a chord progression to go along with it. Then, play that chord progression on the guitar. I don't play guitar, but I have played piano all my life and taken some classes on music theory.