how do you program a microchip?

I need help for programing a microchip. I have microchips but i don't know how to program them!!!!:(PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Microchip" is too broad a term. SOME microcontrollers or programmable logic devices can be "programmed" but by no means all.
rickharris7 years ago
An off the shelf PIC micro will need to be programmed with an assembler and chip programmer.

There are so many options out there much depends on what you have.

Online documentation at both and will help you understand what you have.

frollard7 years ago
Microchip is a pretty broad definition. What chips do you have?

Part numbers mean you can search for a schematic and documentation from that manufacturer.

Remember, the PACKAGE that the chip is in will be a somewhat standard size, so not knowing the part number means you could have a hundred thousand different products that all look the same.