how do you put YouTube videos on your iPod?

i wanna no how to put YouTube videos on my iPod so i could watch them without the internet what app do you need?

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mnv7107 years ago
Have a tab open with the youtube video and another at Its pretty straightforward on the website. Just copy and paste the youtube url in the slot for it on then click download. then the video will probobly download in the downloads folder. Just drag the video into itunes and it will be copied into your library. Its safe I do it all the time.
aerilus7 years ago
there are all in one apps to do this but the way i would do it is get firefox. download the flashgot app. then feed the flvs into handbrake. handbrake is a generally nice program for puttign various videos onto portable devices, and is even nicer on a mac.
yokozuna7 years ago
Ipods have youtube natively, but as you point out it requires internet. Otherwise you'll need to rip the YouTube vids, then convert them to something your ipod will recognize (namely an .mp4), and finally sync your ipod to include this new video.