how do you repair upper denture crack?

lbently1 year ago
Wow thanks for the tips. I have been looking for dentures repairs in Rio Rancho NM. If you know of a place were I can get repairs done please let me know.
MizDaizy (author) 3 years ago
Thank you for answering my question. I appealed to a dentist and it would leave me without my appliance for about 10 days and the cost was that I might as well buy new. That is not an option.
On a fixed senior income I am trying to DIY. I did the crazy glue and it failed several days in a row. I guess I will pay a visit to Walgreens or figure out where I can find hexane, methyl chloride, or toluene??
I need to eat more than blender foods pretty soon.
Thank you again.
BobS3 years ago
Had the same problem 20+ years ago. Tried superglue, but it fell apart after a few days. A kit with an aggressive solvent (was it hexane? methyl chloride? toluene?) as a primer took care of all the gunk, and after that I superglued it. It is still going strong!!!
iceng3 years ago
Re-design is correct, and Walgreens has a kit for self repair.

Re-design3 years ago
YOu may be able to fix it with super glue.


I'd take it to my dentist. If you get it crooked your mouth will complain.

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