how do you right a bibliography on popsicle bridges ?

how can you make a bibliography on a bridge

DirkS4524 days ago

I found these documents to be useful when designing a bridge for a competition.

This site was useful in determining load on members:

Sorry, the only book I used was an old EIT (Engineer In Training) exam study guide.

Here are pictures of the resulting bridge (20" span, 100 sitcks). Held over 125 lbs without breaking, so I don't know how strong it is. My calculations said it should have held at lest 400 lbs.

Toga_Dan27 days ago

if it is upside down, you would right it by flipping it 180 degrees.

iceng27 days ago

So you need books like Alice in Wonderland, strength of materials, bridge_beam_stress, chemistry_of_white_glue, and bridge_design..

You can even quote my original pictures of this bridge supporting 25 lbs..


A bibliography is a list of books.