how do you set up a computer surround sound system?

Hi, I recently asked a question about setting up a home audio system for the TV, but it turns out that the system I have is meant for the computer, so I am wondering how to set them up for the computer.  Do i need this?

or something similar?  If not, do I need a type of program?  I'm kinda on a budget, so the cheaper the better.  Thanks in advance! :D

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frollard6 years ago
You need 2 male to male 'headphone' 3.5mm stereo jacks to get surround, and the computer needs to support (most do) outputting 4 channels, it will have a green output and a black output which match the picture. In the computer, you need to adjust your sound card settings to a mode that allows 4 channel speakers.

Remember again, the red one marked 'right speaker' is an output also. It's bigger so that it can accommodate the volume control knob wires.

In a pinch, if you DON'T have a computer capable of 4 channel output, then you can just hook up the green cable (1 stereo cable) and the speakers should output just stereo through the 4 speakers (+ subwoofer).

salomon1996 (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for all the replies! :D
KaydenST6 years ago
Frollard has all the right answers. Good luck! You should be able to buy a sound card for your computer if you are tech savvy.
If you just want four speakers around you, you can splice it so there is 4 speaker connections.
Most PCs these days have 5.1 as standard - check your motherboard spec. All you need then are some simple leads
That isn't a 5.1 system that he has pictured there. It's a 4.0 or 4.1. (I can't tell which, but I would guess 4.0.)
That's the back of the sub, it doesn't have a sub channel, just amplified bass from the other channels.
Correct. It has 4 channels, but it outputs a virtual 4.1. (And yes, I've seen a few surround sound systems in my day... I used to setup 1/4 million dollar home theaters for a living!) ;)