how do you simultaneously run servo motor and dc motor with 433Mhz RF module and arduino?

is there any way by which servo motor and dc motor can be run simultaneously by single transmitter and receiver 433Mhz RF module using arduino? i have 9g servo, a dc motor and l293d motor driver, basically i m building a RF controlled car. i have built already that can go forward or backward or right or left, but when i go forward i cannot go left or right?  can anybody help me please? 

thanks in advance!!!

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imsanaga3 years ago

can any kind soul help me get a eagle lbr fo the 433 mhz RF and Tx module ? I am trying to learn a bit of electronic circuit design with eagle and finding it very tough!

thanx in advance !

Libahunt4 years ago
Do I understand correct, you have a car with two dc motors? The servo is not in the car's schematic? You use 4 commands that can be sent over RF: forward, reverse, left, right? Each command means a combination of two motor directions - like "forward" command makes both motors turn forward and "left" command makes left motor turn backward and right motor turn forward?

If my assumptions are correct then you can make the car that you have (two DC motors) move on a curved line without any servo. You simply need more commands, add "forward right" and "forward left" for example. "Forward left" should make only right motor turn while left motor is still. Unlike your current turning that occurs around the centre spot between the two wheels, this kind of turning (one motor moves, other one stands still) goes around the the not moving wheel. If you want to make even less steep turns alternate a tiny amount of time of going forward with a tiny amount of time making this kind of turn. Like half a second or tenth of a second times. Vary the proportions of time to choose steepness of the turn.

Hope this helps.
negzep (author) 4 years ago
well how to know if my rf supports and can you give me some code or tutorials using multiple channel from one receiver and transmitter???
negzep (author) 4 years ago
well i am unknown about the channel. can you help me how? nrf24L01 RF module would do that or not?
Sounds like your transmitter can only handle sending a single command at a time. You will want to use a transmitter and receiver per channel or get a transmitter and receiver that can handle multiple actions at once.
negzep (author) 4 years ago
yea i have used two arduinos one for transmitter and one for receiver, i have working model, this is the video, the problem is that i want it to operate simultaneously while going forward i want to turn left right like the rc cars
negzep (author) 4 years ago
this is what i am using. its 433 Mhz receiver and transmitter. i used virtualwire library for connection. i am new to arduino. could you please suggest me in simple all things.
RF Module.jpg
Not enough information. It looks to me like you need to supply serial code to the transmitter, and pick up a serial code at the receiver - so this needs TWO arduinos to make the idea work.
What is the "transmitter and receiver" you are using ?