how do you skin a fresh peach for baking?

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jtobako8 years ago
Dip it in boiling water and nudge off the skin-sometimes you can rub it off with a towel and sometimes you have to scrape and pull with a knife. You may have to slit the skin to have an edge to grab.
hishealer8 years ago is a great site for tips like this, and also tried-and-true recipes. It's my go-to.
Joe Martin8 years ago
Score the skin in segment like shapes round the peach, blanch in boiling water for two to four minutes. The skin should peel off mega easy in the strips.
I usually find about a minute sufficient, but it depends on the size of your pot of boiling water (and whether adding the peaches causes the temperature to drop below boiling.) I usually do this in my big canning pot just prior to canning a big batch of peaches, so the large volume of water means it stays boiling despite dumping in a bunch of peaches. Also, a small (~1 inch) "X" at the base of the peach is generally enough to get it started. Just do a couple of test runs to see what works for you - the skin should peel off extremely easily.
stuffman8 years ago
If you're making a pie, leave the skin on! At the right time of year (Not now, usually in August) you can get 2 or 3 different types of peaches and the skin only makes it better in a pie. Just my humble opinion, if you need a tester when you're done, I'm definitely available as a pie tasting consultant. :0)