how do you tell what gender a panda cory is?

i got a panda cory from pet smart a few days ago and i dont know what gender it is  please answer

Picture of how do you tell what gender a panda cory is?
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seandogue6 years ago
According to a quick google on "sexual differentiation of panda cory", I discovered that males have pointy pelvic fins, whereas females have rounded pelvic fins.

Determining which fins are pelvic is up to you. I know very little about fishies.

here's the link!
is the pelvic the anal fin
As my sweet dear grand mother might say were she still alive, I hain't an idear.

And no offense to Lemonie, but why on earth are you asking me when I gave you the answer and you gave someone else the best answer. jeez.
i meant to give you the pest answer but i screw up
seandogue6 years ago
ftr, I wouldn't call it a "pest" answer.
so is the pelvic fin the anal fin
lemonie6 years ago

If you can't sex a fish, there's little hope that anyone else can from a picture.
seandogue  has given you a good answer.