how do you train stick insects? about it but i know it can be done?

ive had my stick insect for a few years now and i have found no stuff on the internet

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Jugglebug7 years ago
I have considerable experience with phasmids, and i can tell you that they are not very intelligent, but do have basic elements of personality (aside from any sentimental beliefs from a sentimental pet owner).  If you do try training them, i would suggest very simple things.  You are unlikely to be able to teach your insect how to fetch or anything like that.

Training an insect is made much easier if there is a way to reward the insect, usually with a food item.  This makes phasmids a less than ideal choice, as they feed on leaves whenever they feel like- food is not hard for them to come by. 

I have never heard of anyone training social insects, and I believe it is possible that these insects will be less responsive to training as their role in the colony is very specific and their behavior is undeviating- this is necessary to maintain a hierarchy (albeit a very basic one) in the hive/anthill/whatever.

All in all, you would be infinitely more successful with training mammals, reptiles, birds, or even fish. 
juicymoose5 years ago
P.s i wonder what tricks you could teach them:)
And if you are really stuck on training insects phone your local beekeepers and ask for some drones ( stingless bees ... If you want to handle them) or just some workers..... In the UK they train bees for drug sniffing it taked them a day to learn ,..... The training is
When certain drugs are wafted through the beees tank ( cocaine etc) the bees where fed ( i dunno what) but when non drugs where wafted through the tank the bees wherent fed , buy the end of the day when the bees where deployed in airports ( dociile bees i hope ;) if they smelt illeagel drugs in bagggage they would stick their toungs out , expecting food !!!!

Sorry about the dodgy typing :)
juicymoose5 years ago
I agree with Jugglebug with that , Stick insects definatly have personalitys :) i have 4 guadloupe stikkys and they are all very diffrent!!!! I have found that by cutting bramble stems and making them into a 0.5 mm jump agility course work well , although my stickys are pretty dumb. Ive neverreally thought about training insects but ...... People are wrong by saying insects have no personalitys .. Bees and stick insects definaty do. If anyone finds info abot training stickkys please message me ..... It sounds intriguing ;)
Kokey xx
Is yours a spiny leaf insect?
if it is you can train it to "shake hands".
all you have to do is hold it in one hand and either blow on it gently or touch its antanea and it should lift one of its forelegs and wave it towards you then all you have to do is lift one of your fingers and let it GRIP with its claws (or it wont work)and then you very carefully and very slowly shake it.
I can't comment on the intelligence of Phasmids in particular, but I can say that insects in general are not terribly bright. If you do want to train insects, I would suggest trying some social species like bees, wasps, or ants.
watson9194 (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago