how do you unblock gmail at school/work?!??!?!?!?


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Follow the directions to install on your flash drive the bundle of Tor + Portable Firefox.

The resulting connection to the Internet will be extremely slow, but will probably circumvent most blocking. Of course, you still shouldn't do anything questionable with the connection, as the IT department at your school or work could be recording everything you type, with or without the proxy.

Well...  Maybe he shouldn't be using Faceb--
Wait...  Did he say they blocked...  *Rereads*

THEY BLOCKED GMAIL?  Where do you go to school?!  The Stalin School of Economics?

What workplace blocks GMAIL?!  GMAIL.

Well, if you use a laptop, you could probably use offline Gmail, which can be accessed under settings>labs.  Mind you, you will need to sync up at home.

Otherwise, try what Nobody suggested.
 They block SCHOOL EMAIL TOO!!!!!! and stuff like YAHOO ANSWERS
NOOOOOOOOO- and seriously, do you really need Yahoo answers when you have us?  (Don't answer that...  =P)

Maybe you need a different school...
haha, that woz b4 i discovered this site.........i dont think my parents wood move me if i asked "can i move schools coz my school blocks gmail during class?"
Meh...  I seriously doubt this will work, but...  I worked for me for a while.  If the filters are done badly, this might work.

Try going to
Then, if you don't connect, go to

Again, probability of this working is close to nil, however, its worth a shot.

So, what does your school use the internet for, if gmail and school email is blocked?
lemonie8 years ago
If it can be done, someone at school/work will have done it already. The best place to ask is there - speak to people at school/work.

~Aeronous~8 years ago
Use a Proxy.
go on to google and type in proxy, and click through the links. most will be blocked, but their should be at least 5 which arent, then type in gmail dot com or whatever site you want to go to into the proxy bar.
islaw rocks8 years ago
how should i know hehehehehhehehehhe XD Inner City Pressure