how does a microwave work and how can i make one?

please, i want to learn how to construct a mini microwave so i need to know the basics, how can i do this?

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frollard5 years ago

Inside the magnetron is very dangerous chemicals, and outside is dangerous voltages.  It's not something you should build.
What dangerous chemicals ?
Uh... I think EngineerGuy Bill said the filament was made out of thoriated tungsten. Thorium is radioactive, so, uh... you probably would not want to eat the filament.

Other than that I don't know. Copper. Vacuum. Electrons?  Loose electrons can  dangerous. ;-)
Yeah, there's less thoriated tungsten in there than the average TIG welding electrode - and I don't think they're a notifiable hazard.

There MAY be issues if the ceramics are beryllia based and you powder them, and you're allergic or sensitised to it.
I can't quote directly without looking it up again. A problem is people cut them open and the particles end up airborne and kit really wrecks some hobbyist days.
Wow! Good video. Did you notice? That Engineer Guy (r) is fast like Bruce Lee!

But he can only move like that when he's not explaining something.
EngineerGuy Bill is awesome, simply put. Never noticed him move too fast...I guess that's the point :D
rickharris5 years ago

A microwave used a magnetron to produce very short wavelength (cms ) radio wave at a relatively high power level - 100's of watts.

2. You need to make one see wiki link

3. You need a high voltages power supply to feed it.

4. you need a suitably designed enclosure to make sure the microwaves don't escape and cook you and yours.

5. You can;t do it at home.