how does a monarch butterfly chrysalis have gold dots on it?

it looks metallic but I cant see how an insect could produce it?

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lemonie7 years ago
Good question. It's complicated light scattering & pigmentation, this article does a reasonable job on an explanation:

Dumchicken6 years ago
someone made a book of evolushin as a joke not on purpose
framistan7 years ago
If you read the link LEMONIE gave... you will be amazed. There is NO PIGMENT in the coloring!  Butterflies also....NO PIGMENT.... Hummingbird feathers also.... NO PIGMENT.  Now you have another question to answer.  Did this EVOLVE... or did God make it ? 
Easy: evolved.
Of course God did it.
Rather than potentially start an argument in the wrong place, I suggest you start a topic on a science forum about that.  Don't forget to bring your evidence.