how does one eat ., cook ., sugar cane.?

ssaw sugar cane for sale in the grocery store  on the weekend  how does one ues it recipes for example thanks

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aeray6 years ago
Cut it into 12" lengths and then peel them with a sharp knife, removing the outer fibrous layer (about 1/16" thick). Chunk up the innards into 1" pieces (they'll look kind of like marshmallows) and chew them until the juice is gone and the pith is compressed into a wad. Spit out the wad and repeat. It is best chilled. It can also be split lengthwise, after peeling, into "swizzle sticks" roughly 1/4" square and used to garnish cold drinks. Extracting the cane juice for use in a recipe would be quite tedious and time-consuming without the right equipment but I have seen hand-cranked extractors in use in Mexico and Central America. The extracted juice is consumed as-is or added to another beverage, typically some kind of fruit juice.
Vyger aeray6 years ago
They also ferment it to make rum.
Re-design Vyger6 years ago
I was gonna say that!
belfast (author) 6 years ago
thanks to all on replying on my question about sugarcane use.s again thanks ballyhome;
lemonie6 years ago

Raw cane is generally chewed (aeray), and is a known cause of tooth decay in cane-producing countries.
Otherwise you extract the juice.

aeray lemonie6 years ago
I've been places in Mexico, during cane season, where the streets are almost covered in chewed-out pith. It kind of looks like a bunch of old washed-out cigarette filters (without their paper). It is tasty, though, and cheap.
frollard6 years ago
You can make granulated sugar from it -- just build a factory :)