how easy would this be to do? it's a GBA case mod?

I've drawn up a neat little sketch of a gameboy i made up. now, i realize it's just a reshaped GBA SP. so, i was wondering how difficult it would be to construct a case like this out of plastic sheet/plexiglass and stuff the GBA SP internals inside?

Picture of how easy would this be to do? it's a GBA case mod?
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jweirs7 years ago
No, I checked, and all the soldering is real intense. if yo want to make this, you must have a really fine tip iron.
jweirs7 years ago
I've actually been thinking about doing that, but you'd have you cut the main board in half. if you can simply resolder the connections, it should work. It also won't be exactly like your drawing. The only thing is, how much smaller than a regular gba is it? Is it worth it to mod it?
umm yeah i try to mod NDS cases and i have to say i aggree with angryredhead not easy at all but i have to say this looks alot like the GBA micro i own one and it looks almost identical to this
toogers (author)  northernmagnet7 years ago
i DO like the GBA micro but i still want to play my gameboy/gameboy color games...
Probably more difficult (and more costly) than what it's worth to make it comfortable, usable, and reliable since it's hand-held.  Somewhat radical case mods (i.e., the ones where you have to change the internals) are best with units that stay at least relatively stationary like computers and Playstations.