how good is the upside-down tomato planter?

I would like to know if anyone has tried the upside-down tomato planter (I know that's not the name of it).

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If you are talking about the ones that you buy on the net or over the phone, I would have to warn you, I have some.  I bought two of them a few years back so I could grow some patio tomatoes.  The first year I got a great yeild, but the tomatoes were small.  The second year I had a blight (no fault of the hanger as far as I could tell, just one or those things).  But then the 3rd year I went and bought some heirlooms and planted them and was really looking forward to the crop.... but 2 or so weeks into the season after planting the bags ripped open.  Looked like dry rot to me.  I do live in the western part of Texas, and the sun can do some damage to any fabric fiber, but I really thought for the price they would hold up better than they did.  I am collecting large plastic buckets to try another way of having a "hanging garden" this coming Spring.  I might have to put it on here if it works out. 
And like hishealer said, the watering part is a royal pain.  You have to hang them up so high for the plants to grow that you can't see the opening for the water, and then it ends up everywhere.  If you don't have a good strong stud to put your hook in to hang it, you are going to have your plant slattered all over the ground below too.  I don't know how they make it look so much easier on the commercials, but it just isn't that easy.  Especially for me trying to water from a wheelchair! 
hishealer8 years ago
I tried this and had a couple problems.  Consider how much light the spot gets vs how much the plant needs, and also water evaporation.  I tried the one on here made from a coconut fiber hanging basket, and I had a lot of trouble keeping it watered, and very few fruits because of lack of sunlight.  I also could not get anything to grow on top to hold moisture in, again, lack of sun.  On the plus side, it didn't need much pruning and did not show insect or slug chew marks.
olivia_g8 years ago
I found this planter and it is coming along nicely. It's very sturdy and I'm hopeful of some really tasty tomatoes.
gavnet8 years ago
I find they work really well.

Here is how I make mine:

keydogstony8 years ago
Only as good as the gardener. :) Truthfully they work quite well. Don't buy the one on TV. Make your own from a 5 gallon paint bucket. My only problem was with bugs, but I'm no gardener.