how i do a convertor to rca cable video to vga?

i want to play my games using my pc monitor, so any idea?

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ReCreate8 years ago
Its not possible to make A converter from Rca to Vga.
They're completely different signals.
However you Might be able to do it with component to vga but it would look Very ugly.
I recommend connecting it to you're monitor only if you game console has Vga out.
If not ,Don't even try it will look horrible and besides,Vga needs lots of information or else the monitor wont recognize it as if it was connected to something,It would just tell you to check the cable.

componet cable is a rca cable

LucasS32 years ago
hoppe_groda7 years ago
Would this work? :3
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
you can find an RCA to USB adapter that you plug into your computer
UziMonkey8 years ago
Composite video and VGA are completely different video signals. There's no easy way to convert composite to VGA. Your cheapest solution might be to get a TV tuner card with a composite input, though from experience I can say this looks terrible. I ran my PS3 like this when I first got it, then got an HDMI switch and DVI->HDMI cable. If your monitor is widescreen and has a DVI input, this would be the best way to play games on the monitor.
There are converters, usually for HD systems like 360s. This is because PC monitors have a greater aspect ratio than analog TVs. RCA will be a sort of hard to convert. I'm sure someone makes a box that does it for you. Check google, not instructables.