how i do an engraved brass gorget for a redcoat unoiform?

hi guys im making an accurate redcoat officers uniform....any ideas how i do an engraved brass gorget. it has the lion and unicorn crest that id like to make the order of the and garter star medal.....any ideas?. there are several kinds of gorget..some engraved some with the design pressed from behind
the two pics are of the star.( about the size of a spread hand. and  the gorget is either brass or bronze)

Picture of  how i do an engraved brass gorget for a redcoat unoiform?
Kiteman5 years ago
AFAIK, the gorget isn't engraved, it's beaten into shape.

As Rickharris says, casting is your best bet for an accurate reproduction. If you're in the UK, you could approach a museum to ask very nicely if you could take a mould from one of their exhibits.

rickharris5 years ago
Casting would be your best bet if you don't have an original to make the mould from then you will have to make a wax model and cast from that.

The originals will have been pressed using a die or hand made using a technique called repousee.
acidbass5 years ago
A ton of time, good skills with a file and chisel is the cheapest way to do it, but you could always go to a machine shop that has a CNC machine and they could probably do it for you for the right price. Or look on instructables, because there are quite a few god engraving ibles.