how kan i make a racing lawnmower ?

well I have all ready started on it an I don't have a lot of money kuz aim only 13 but I been taken it aPART AN GETTIN it ready but I need to no more so I can make it go fast

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you're welcome
ANDY!8 years ago
you do that.
tj1796 (author)  ANDY!8 years ago
yea im tryin to start
I to am working on a racing lawnmower and having financial trouble as I am only 15. Its nice to know that I am not alone in my quest.
ANDY!8 years ago
I aint a real lawnmower racer guy but you need to take the stuff that makes the blades spin and the blades itself, make it so it transfers power to the wheels, and drive it. Thats what I think.
also, take out the governor. I don't know how, but check the rest of the internet.