how long should I keep my iPod in rice?

I accidentally had my iPod touch 4g in my pocket when I went swimming. I discovered it 10 min later. How long should I keep it in rice?

zoomcrzy455 years ago
My sons iPod was washed. Not once, not twice but THREE times. Not JUST washed but dried, every time. The thing still works. The light is funky and the ear phone jack is sometimes positional but seriously, it shouldn't work at all. He didn't do anything special.
Pfarmkid5 years ago
I did the exact same thing and let it sit in rice for 5 days and it still works.

I then accidentally dropped it on a shotgun barrel and it hit the sight and spider webbed the screen

P.S. rice doesn't fix a shotguns damage

lug big lug5 years ago
I fix ipods/iphones and there is a little dot in all of them that indicate water damage, and unless the battery was completely dead or your really lucky. No Apple doesn't do that, that turning off is the shorting out of the battery. The residue doesnt destroy the screen, it leaves a film that makes it hard to see the screan, bubbles under the screen, or distorted colors. The main problem when fixing water damage is that the mother board gets damaged, and that pretty much fixing the whole thing. Also rice doesn't work as well by itself. Use a hair dryer or leave it in the sun before you put it in, it causes the water to evaporate so the rice absorbs the water faster.
I would leave it a week to be safe.
If its at all recoverable then keep in in the bag for a couple of days. But i doubt it will do any good. 10 minutes in the water and every bit of the phone will have been saturated. I'f I'm not mistaking any impurities in the water will leave behind a residue that will destroy the screen.

I could be wrong but doesn't Apple put a moisture sensor in the phones that kills the phone when it get wet? Or at least lets them know its been in water when they try to service it?