how many Amps does a AA battery have?

ive been told that 50 milliAmps is enough to kill a person. when i toutch a 9V battery with my tongue, i dont die, so it means its less than 50 milliAmps?

NachoMahma5 years ago
> how many Amps does a AA battery have? . Google "AA battery +ampacity" . > when i toutch a 9V battery with my tongue, i dont die, so it means its less than 50 milliAmps? . The 50 mA needs to be across the heart. You can feed several amps through other parts of the body without dieing. It's not going to feel good and you may get burned, but it won't kill you.
dstanton-23 years ago
Ohm's law : I = V/R
current = voltage / resistance

so if there is a large resistance then the current is small.

50mA across your heart probably would kill you.

Current flows because of a voltage difference, the current flows between the difference in voltage. Having 50mA across your tongue isn't going to kill you. Although it might hurt.

The place you want to avoid current flowing across is your heart, think about where current flows if your touching things with your hands, in one hand out the other across the heart. Thats why when working with live power circuits (stuff that could hurt you) you should work with one hand in your pocket and wear rubber soled shoes. Then the voltage difference is between the live wire and floor. The path of least resistance is in your hand down the side of your body (not across your heart) and into the floor through your rubber soled shoes (large resistance therefore less current)

As a side note if you short a 9v battery the reason HUGE current doesn't flow is that all batteries have internal resistance. Thats to say there is resistance in the battery already which will limit the current no idea how much in a 9v battery.

As a final point your skin has resistance which varies hugely depending on many factors its usually a few 1000 ohms but can vary from tens to millions. People have died touching the two terminals of a car battery. People have survived the electric chair...

source: I'm an Electrical Engineer

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