how many Popsicle sticks dos it take to make a truss bridge ?

I'm doing a science fair prototype bridge but I don't know how many popsicles sticks to build a truss bridge

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iceng1 month ago

This Truss Bridge has an exact total of one hundred coffee stir sticks or as today's youngsters might call them (10^2 lolly sticks).

Click the pics if you want to count sticks yourself.. The constructs are identically symmetric.


you are really close actually it is 15, but good try

Cant imagine why you would follow someone who is off by 85 lollys ;-)

16 struts per segment for a stable segment not counting flooring times the number of segments. This is of course without doubling up on the struts.

adamray2106 (author) 1 month ago

well were poor how cheep

Google it, I have no idea where you live.

rickharris1 month ago

Your question isn't meaningful without more information.

Think about it.

How big will it be.



Really, popsicle sticks are very cheap. If you need more buy more.