how many calories does simple dry bread contains? can we eat dry breads with tea if we are on a diet? is it too heavy ?

I really would like to know that does dry bread increase our weight if we eat it when we are on diet to loose weight, and if i am skipping a meal but just taking some dry breads with tea instead is it ok or will it give me same amount of calories as one meal? i need to know in detail so i can loose weight in a proper way following the right diet for me.

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Correction to my previous comment. The correct website is
I think in order to be successful in your weight loss journey you need to track your <a href="">food calories</a>. Exercise is also really important to speeding up the weight loss process. I found this website that allows you to track all of your daily calories for free. It will help you with your new diet plan.
Correction to my above comment. The correct website is
This is a great article. I think it is important to know <a href="">how many calories in</a> each meal you eat throughout the day. That way you will be able to monitor your low calorie diet. Along with a lot of daily exercise I am sure you will see fantastic results rather quickly. I found this site that allows you to track your calories for free and also gives you many other cool ideas for your weight loss journey. I hope this helps you along the way.
jtp1398 years ago
I recently (started in Jan. this year) lost about 25 pounds. You need to count calories and exercise every day, oh, and drink a crap load of water. don't eat too few calories. I currently eat aprox. 1300-1600 per day which is broken down into 3 meals and 2 snacks. Plus I exercise for at least an hour EVERY day. you just have to work hard. I would use an online bmi calculator to figure what you need. supposedly 3500 calories = 1 pound. so it's possible if you have a 500 calorie deficit per day you will lose 1 pound a week. you don't want to lose it fast because you will only gain it back the instant you stop dieting. it takes time and effort and a change in life style.
rickharris8 years ago
You loose weight because you eat less calories than you use. NO magic way round that fact.

Depending on your age and gender - e.g. for an adult male you should be consuming about 2500 to 3000 calories a day.

SO a good diet controls the calorie intake and combines that with increasing activity to burn more up.

HOWEVER reducing your calorie intake by too much makes you body shut down because it thinks it is starving and must conserve energy.

What you eat makes a difference because some things fill you up better and so make the task easier.
Eating your meal blended up as soup takes longer to digest.
Eating less fat and sugar and alcohol also helps as these are valueless foods that give calories but don't fill you up.

Almost everyone eats more than they admit so be honest and get hold of a good diet system - REMEMBER to keep the weight off you need to eat sensibly for ever. a good place to start - they also have a diet that I have used and if you stick at it it works.
Dry bread will contain the same calories as fresh.
Joe Martin8 years ago
Skipping meals is NOT a way to lose weight. Make sure to have three square meals a day, Lighten the meals up. Be sure to eat breakfast: A smoothie, Cereal, Toast. Stear clear from fried foods such as bacon. Keep lunches light too, A nice salad, Some salmon, Baked chicken breast. Eat your usual dinner to keep some normality.