how many capacitors per stage are there in a cockcroft-walton generator?

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There's one in a Marx pulse generator and 2 or three in a CW generator - but a Marx delivers pulses, and a CW is a continuous output.

As L. Says, A Cockroft and Walton multiplier is NOT the same as a Marx generator,
Funny thing, about an hour ago, I pointed out Sir John Cockroft's house, which is near here.

electricfan (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
that is not answering the question, that link is to the power supply of the marx generator, which is a cockcroft-walton mutipiler!
Which link ? 
There was a link to plasmana's high voltage supply labelled "Marx", and a link to Wikipedia on the C-W. I'd say the Wiki' page has enough answer in it alone.

lemonie7 years ago
There seems to be a bit of confusion between Marx and CW generators here.
Either go with that instructable or build yourself a CW.
How many depends upon the type of generator.