how many ohms does it take to resist one volt?

how many?

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resistance limits current not voltage.
oweng4000 (author)  rocketman2218 years ago
But how would i remove enough current from a nine battery to make it power a 3 volt chromatic tuner?
How much current does it draw? you cant figure out what resistance you need without knowing how much current you need. however i think a voltage regulator would be much better for what you need. this is a good site to get them from. the LM1086CT-3 would probably work.
Plasmana8 years ago
Not posable, the higher the resistance, the lower the current can pass by, but the voltage always remain the same.
Sparkington8 years ago
Well were are missing one part of the equation "Current" because V = I R so if we dont know current how are going to find your answer.
purduecer8 years ago
That depends on the amount of current you have flowing through the object of interest. Ohm's Law provides a means to calculate voltage, current, or resistance for (most) materials.
UziMonkey8 years ago
It doesn't really work that way. The resistance is going to be different depending on what else is on the circuit and what the supply voltage is. Further, "volts" are not resisted. Resistors cause a forward voltage drop and resist current.

It sounds like you may need this.